3 Things Not To Do In Hell

Three things not to do in Hell, was birthed from a dinner I had last night with friends I had not seen in years. In catching up, I found myself telling them about my resent deployment, resent six-figure financial loss, a divorce, and lessons I learned along the way…and that all with-in the last 18 months.

April 2010 -Day 5 in country and more prophetic than you know! (Photo)

1. Don’t Stop!

Churchill said it first and said it best! “If you are going through Hell, keep moving!”
If you are over eight years old it is possible you have had a bad day. But if by 35 you have not been in a state of being you could define as “Undone,” its possible you will not understand what Hell is like.

Too often we like loitering around in self pity in hopes that ‘If I stay here long enough things will magically get better. This is like when I tell my kids at the elevator, in a crowd of course, “Kids, if you hit the up button over and over, it speeds up the car!” The murmur of parents telling their kids, “That is not true,” is near deafening. So why stay in you Hell listening to what is not true and destroys you? It sucks, I assure you, I know. So move, go, get, leave, move to the exit signs. Lost in Hell, just pick a direction and start walking you will find the door when you want to! Don’t Stop- EVER!

2. Don’t Drink the Water!

First, there is no water in Hell. If you find yourself there, do not become refreshed with things that are not pure. Just don’t do it. It will not be a cold Sam Adams or beverage from the Glen of Fiddich; or your sweetheart, or a few hours in the office. It will not stop the thirst…therefore, see bullet number 1.

3. Don’t Listen to the Locals!

You will notice that folks in Hell like company. Although, remember, you are just passing through because some ‘ya-hoo’ cut you off and you missed your turn- right? Or did you choose this detour?

Regardless, the longer you stay, the more the you hear, the more the listen, the more you believe the lies. Hell is not better than anything. Hell is hell and you do not belong there!

Had I listened to the doctors as a kid, I would have never completed the eighth grade; I hold more than one piece of paper saying they were wrong; Had I listened to my so-called friends laugh at me for being in the Scouts, I’d never made Eagle and seen the world before I was a teenager; Had I listened to a boss who berated me in front of my troops, I could have compromised safety, but we all came home–alive; Had I listened to the nay-sayer about how I could not do a million other things, I would have camped in my hell and said this is the best it will ever be.

Post yourself an eviction notice (like right NOW) if you have camped in Hell. Chances are, you can see the exit sign…take a step, then another, and another. Remember success is moving in the direction of your goal, one step at a time.

Finally, I would love to know, what caused you to notice you were in Hell and what did your exit sign look like?

The Why and What …we’ll deal with the How– later!

To the great unknown,
Welcome! I am David Howell. There are hundreds of thousands of David Howell’s all over the globe. Chess Master’s to Magician’s, Clergymen to Rugby players, we all have stories, rhymes, reasons and histories, but this one, this one is mine… and I want to share it!

While having a cup of Peet’s Coffee (Best coffee ever!) this morning, I sat listening to an audio book by Jon Acuff, “Quitter;” This morning’s section spoke of the “only ifs.” Only if this, or only if that, only if I had the perfect set of circumstances I could rule the free-world, have the beautiful Irish redhead, and speak Gaelic! What I really heard Jon saying was, “Take action Dave, take action!”

As I stood looking at the mirror, I had no thoughts of ruling the free-world; but did remember things I enjoyed doing when life was, well, less complicated. One of these was writing. Albeit, no one ever said, “Wow, Dave, this is great!” to any of my writings, but I loved it nonetheless, I have a story to tell, and medium to tell it. “So Tell It!”

My life has taken me to four continents and many countries. I have seen the sights of the wealthiest lavish lifestyles and the poorest in dark alleys. I’ve been with and without; I have earned a lot and lost even more. I have laughed and cried, praised and cussed. My heart has traveled to Everest and near the pits of Hell, if not the very pit itself. Yet in all of this, I have a keen memory of lessons learned.

I want to offer encouragement, laughter, and thought in these blogs to those who have been where I have been and to those who have not yet tasted the wonders of real passion and the travesties life can offer. They are real and they are mine. They are bourn in love, death, peace and war; passions and dreams of my heart and at times, seen through the eyes of children.

The blog will be set up into sections and topics (eventually!!). But centered around a common theme.

My hope is that you will enjoy, comment, and share as you and I fall forward in life at the speed of chaos!

What newly uncharted, unexplored, adventures have you started as a result of inspiration?