In the words… God Loves YOU

“What a different relationship begins to develop when you realize that God is head-over-heels in love with you. God is simply giddy about you. He just can’t help loving you. And he loves you deeply, recklessly, extravagantly – just as you are. God knows you are a sinner, but your sins do not surprise him. Nor do they reduce in the slightest his love for you.” — Surrender to Love, pp. 17-18. David G. Benner.

…enough said

Well People Don’t Need Docs

Our Nations Birthday is around the corner. It’s one of the oldest standing institutions in the world- while under one document- the Constitution. The Land Down Under is, if not mistaken, the next closest runner up. Christian values, objectives, and ideas were but spin-offs to the intent of the creation of this country. To further the Christian faith. That’s it. To further the Christian faith.


God is a gentleman. He won’t make you follow him, yet there are some tenants that are inescapable. There is a religious freedom in this country that allows you to live under the protection of an all powerful God while you worship another. You have this freedom and no man should ever stop you; Unless, it brings harm to others and would jeopardize the platform on which the freedom is allowed.


Religion should not be forced upon. This occurs on the fringes of some religions practices here in the States. However, when the fringe is the main-line there will be problems. Forced love can be spoken in the same circles with the word, Rape.

The Christian sword is not without bloody stain nor the Muslim sword. Both have forced confessions of conversions… and both with poor outcomes.

At the heartbeat of those settling here in America was a principle that the Church (Christian) existed for those outside of its walls and not for those inside. Well people don’t need doctors.

America has opened her door to millions and spread her blanket wide.

Enjoy the Birthday!

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