Coffee, Worry, and Horses throwing Shoes

So your horse threw a shoe. It happens… Well to our great-great grand fathers anyway. Mine was a blacksmith and would have been familiar with horses throwing shoes. Infact upon visiting Stone Mountain, Georgia, you can even see a sign listing in memorial “Howell Blacksmithing” in his honor; a carriage, yoke, and shoes mounted in sight of the passing train. But I digress…


The riders of these steeds had limited abilities in keeping shoes on the hooves of their animals. The riders or the smiths would file the hooves, mount the shoe, and nail it down. It does the rider very little to sit six feet above and worry about the horses new kicks…and why should he? 

You and I are no different. We set things in motion, some things big and others small, and have little to control over what the day brings. The crystal ball in which we gaze is cloudy, weighty, and a bit goofy (especially when the turban is tied too tight and about to fall).

This mornings quite time yielded a great truth about our empty grasping of control that manifest themselves in to worry and and even grief:

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.
(1 Peter 5:6-7 ESV)

But the interesting part was found in the notes:

1 Pet. 5:7 casting all your anxieties on him. The participle “casting” modifies the main verbal phrase “humble yourselves” from v. 6. Worry is a form of pride because it involves taking concerns upon oneself instead of entrusting them to God. Believers can trust God because, as their Father, he cares for them. (ESV Study Notes)

Take away:

Re-shoe the horse.

Standards should be more like gravity — The Law!

Standards should be more like gravity — The Law!

Few things say, “I have standards,” like something acted upon. Perhaps I am biased, or maybe brain washed, by serving in the US Army; however, I can tell when something has been cleaned and something is simply brushed over.

I’d rather pay a little more in time and in money to support establishments and engage clients and customers who exhibit this simple but fading trait called- Standards.

Live the Life you intend to lead

Live the Life you intend to lead

You have the Freedom to Say No…

“Pithy” only becomes a few great bloggers such as Seth Godin (only a small slice of his genius).

Many times, less is simply more.

On the cusp of returning to regular blogging I’ve been reading several books. A common theme I am noticing is that too often we allow others to dictate the edges of the box in which we work, play, and live. We let others tell us what our strengths are and should be…

This is your life, not someone else’s life. Dare yourself to be the person you know you are inwardly. In the words of John Acuff, “Your Secret Self.”

It’s probably OK to say NO to the boss on yet another four-hour extra-curricular project that removes you from your daily work in order to say YES to your sanity and ultimate ‘productivity’ (whatever that term might really mean).

Start saying NO to things that pull you down in order to say YES to things that add value to your life. Pull the plug on stuff around you, get quiet and listen. Reengage with a definite purpose; not a well laid, soup-to-nuts, 73 step, pipe-dream, self justified, plan.

Set out on a definite purpose, in faith that it will happen, and start saying NO to those things, no matter how great they may seem at the time, that are not in-line with your purpose.

Freedom is frequently found in “NO.”

Take the time do what it is you know you should do

I’ve noticed over the span of the last three years that my frustrations stem around that same topic. When life seems to be moving very fast and my body and mind crave rest, I find that I cannot rest peacefully.

What’s the common theme of my frustration?

It is getting done the really important things in life; not work, or the yard, or the grocery shopping, or even paying bills. 

But like you, I was left asking the question, “What is really important?” 


In my absents from my blog I have been pouring myself into finding the answers to this very question. I do hope you’d do the same!

My path took me to

I have found the heartbeat of what MH has called Creating Your Personal Life Plan. Once started, it began to come alive; it will do the same for you but only if you really desire to do it… and I hope you do. 

Intentionality is his calling and he does it better than most and freely shares on a world-wide platform.

In keeping intentional with completing this plan, I’ll return shortly to my blogs… More complete, systematic, timely, and worth the time you spend reading them!

Enormous Thanks to those followers who stopped by this sight to check in! Please know my graduated is genuine and ‘Thanks’ from the heart–yours is an example to follow!