18.3537 * 2.149 and 59.5607 / 18.27 (The Outlaw of long Division and Multiplication)

The problems in the title are but two worlds hardest problems you will face in math. But the lesson really learned comes when your child teaches you in the same manner you have taught them. The purpose of this post, albeit comical, is to encourage you, Dad, to hang there, have grace, and get quiet and listen to your kids… 

Daughter: Dad, I hate math!

Dad: Baby, you can do this!

Daughter: But dad it’s hard and I don’t understand.

Dad: Tell you what, I’ll sit right here and help you by doing the same problem step by step, OK?

Daughter: Thanks dad…

Dad (after looking at the problem): Oh… yeah, right, umm… ok let’s do this.

Daughter (after watching dad epically fail): dad? What are you doing? Why are you… You don’t write it like that. It’s like this…

(20 minutes later)

Dad: I hate Math!

Daughter: Dad! You almost got it right… Change your 5 to 2 and your 7 to a 8 and you forgot to add a 3 to your last number…but other than that, You got it right! Great Job! Proud of you!

…now let’s try it again!

Risk, Fear, & Guts

The word Risk implies ‘a lot of Risk.’

The work Fear encompasses the whole body and mind, but borne from an abandonment of Hope.

The word Guts seems to laugh at Risk and Fear in a calculated manner borne in Faith that it, whatever it is, can, will, and must be done.

Have the Guts to face Fear and Risk big; The outcome IS worth your IT.

It really is all about you…

Seth Godin has written a series of great posts over the last week that, should you be among the minority not getting his stuff, please allow me the honor to share!

This mornings post…

Actually, they’re not yours

What are the questions you asking your customers, suppliers, friends, and family?

Go build them an enterprise… 

Go ask the questions that help them…