Not Starting 2014 Soon Enough– Start it early!

Each of us has an opportunity to change something we are doing or have always done. This year I chose to start 2014 early. And I am SO glad I did!


From Asian screen- Owned – Howell Family

Birds and commercial airplanes have this one thing in common: They cannot lift-off vertically… and neither can we!

To combat my desire to attempt yet another vertical take off on my goals; only to see them fail, I simply tried something different–I started 2014 about a two weeks ago! That would allow a long enough runway to get started on 2014! While the door is still open, I’d highly encourage you to grab 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever program by Michael Hyatt. You have questions about the ‘buts’ and the ‘hows’ and ‘whys,’ and this answers them all! 

BUT if you will not, then here is a word just for you!

In setting your goals, have a runway in which you “lift-off.” If you wait until January 1, 2014 to start planning, failure is just a light breeze away. This is exactly what would happen to me. I waited until last second, spent 8 minutes thinking over how to plan the next 8000 hours of the year. Epic failure year after year. 

So, here is what you do, at minimum, to create lift: Breakout your planner, schedule your lift-off date (the day you will start working on your goals). Allow yourself to start after the first of the year but only if you absolutely have to. Write it down, write it down, write it down! Writing down what you want will increase your changes of achievement.

Remember, you are setting your goals to your timeline and not another persons. Stop the desire to compare yourself with others and just start.

All the for this upcoming year!

2014… and So It Begins!

I completely love setting goals! Problem is, they have not all been S.M.A.R.T. goals; at best they were cloudy and undefined and unchallenged.

I have been more than ready for a breakthrough! So this year, I have chosen to take on a challenge by having S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Michael Hyatt, who in blogging and leadership circles needs no introduction, has created an amazing program called: 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever! 

Unlike I have seen in the past in other goal setting strategies, this answers questions and addressees issues I have always had but never quite knew how to ask or how to deal with adequately. Days One and Two, have completely helped! Today, I am on Day Three. This is where the track-pistol is raised, you take your mark, you are set, and you’re off!

I’d hope you go explore the link. The material is new and fresh and your not alone left trying to figure it out. So far the only real key is being intentional.


All the best in the up coming new year, enjoy the challenge!!

Permission to say no… a revisit

While reconstruction is underway…. an August Post… thanks for stopping by!!



“Pithy” only becomes a few great bloggers such as Seth Godin (only a small slice of his genius).

Many times, less is simply more.

On the cusp of returning to regular blogging I’ve been reading several books. A common theme I am noticing is that too often we allow others to dictate the edges of the box in which we work, play, and live. We let others tell us what our strengths are and should be…

This is your life, not someone else’s life. Dare yourself to be the person you know you are inwardly. In the words of John Acuff, “Your Secret Self.”

It’s probably OK to say NO to the boss on yet another four-hour extra-curricular project that removes you from your daily work in order to say YES to your sanity and ultimate ‘productivity’ (whatever that term might really mean).

Start saying NO to things that pull you down in order to say YES to things that add value to your life. Pull the plug on stuff around you, get quiet and listen. Reengage with a definite purpose; not a well laid, soup-to-nuts, 73 step, pipe-dream, self justified, plan.

Set out on a definite purpose, in faith that it will happen, and start saying NO to those things, no matter how great they may seem at the time, that are not in-line with your purpose.

Freedom is frequently found in “NO.”