Day 14: The Assignment

It’s 3 degrees in Northwest Georgia this morning, and while the cold air may have slowed physical movement, the thought of my new assignment has me thinking…


“Spend the day believing you were totally responsible for everything that has happened in your life so far. Just for today you can’t blame anyone for anything. If you accept responsibility for your losses, you will also put yourself in the driver’s seat for some big wins. Start imagining doing work that is fulfilling, meaningful, and profitable every day from here forward.” -from 48 Days To The Work You Love, by Dan Miller.

We so rarely take the time needed to focus on that very thing! I do mean really focus and not just a laughable after-thought based in doubt and past failures that screen YOU CAN’T DO THAT! Think, What would it actually look like to have meaningful and fulfilling, not to mention profitable work? If by wiping the slate clean we are drawn towards new experiences, uninhibited by past failures, then what type of calling would we find within ourselves? Whatever that is, that is what Dan is saying to think on.

Dan’s Challenge is a big one. However, a challenge so worthy of thought and action, I felt compelled to share with those I love to interact with. I would love to know, If time and money were not an option, what work would you be engaged with?


(If you have not heard of Dan Miller, he wrote 48 Days to the Work You Love. The link will take you to his site. He, Michael Hyatt, and Dave Ramsey frequently mention each other on their podcasts, articles, books…etc. There is a great relationship between these men. Its hard to like one and not the others.)