The Next Ten Years

What do you want to accomplish in the next ten years? If you dared to make a list, what would be on the list? Over the next few days could you list 5 things, 25 things you’d like to do? What would you see if you stopped, closed your eyes, and imagined where you would like to be in ten years? Who would stop you from taking pen to paper and listing those things you knew were going to happen and then filling in the Valleys of the Unknown?

It is in the Valleys of the Unknown that life happens. King David knew this. He might have been thinking about the unknown events that could cut his life short when he mentioned the valley of the shadow of death. After all, he, like us, was human and it is when we do not know something that we fear the most. 

However, this ancient king knew the ultimate end of his life. He knew there would be an exit to the valley floor; green pastures, still waters… He knew this because he put things on his valley floor to lift him out; things like Truth and hope; promise and known victories of the past as proof of capabilities in the future. 

So why can you not do that as well; put things like trust, hope, Truth, love, etc.. on your valley floor?

You can and it starts with your list! 

Your list can include, Graduate from School, become debt free, invest at 15%, Start a business, read a book, mend a relationship, change a job, love someone, feed 100 homeless, dig a well, build a church or synagog, pay for someones power bill in secret, leave a love-letter, buy someone a truck, share your bread, bake the widow a cake… etc.

“Live Life and Leave a Counter Cultural Legacy! -Me”

There are some +6 Billion folks on this Earth and you are the only you. So make your life count. Start with something small and build it over time. Folks are counting on you… My kids are counting you to help make their future a brighter. 

Please, let me know some of the things on you list and open your own exit door!


Happy Birthday today to a few famous and infamous folks: Abraham Lincoln, Jennifer Stone, Charles Darwin, Judy Blume, Arsenio Hall, Lorne Greene, Joanne Kerns, Dom DiMaggio, Joe Garagiola, Omar Bradley, Tara Strong…