Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”

There is never a bad time to be grateful. Platforms should be used from time to time to render proper thanks and appreciation to those well deserving folks who practice such a fleeting trait as gratitude. As such, I wish to dedicate this post to two, of the many, who have blessed me with instruction, mentorship, friendship, & great honor.

LTC Thomas H. Carlisle Ret. (US ARMY): No manner of words could ever express the amount of gratitude I have for this man. Separated by time and distance, this man still stands as a bastion and pillar of what a Soldier, a Man, Father, Husband, Christian, Leader, Giver, and Teacher should strive to become. While in the throngs of service under this personal icon, I doubted myself countless times only to find this 6’6″ giant standing aloft whispering (and sometimes shouting) you can do it! roll with the punches… take the heat-round… serve your men well. I am glad to say, I did just that. His is a legacy that will never be forgotten. I am where I am today because of the leadership, mentorship, and prayers of this man.


Staff Ride – Vicksburg, MS – LTC Carlisle, Center Front

Anthony DeKarski: I had the honor and privilege to work for him for two years. In this two years we were able to develop a roofing program that would be first in class. We established programs and units of measure that would be used in several other trades and industries. Under Anthony’s leadership and guidance the roofing program grew a list of solid companies that bought into our brand / model of business and both parties have become better for doing it.

But that is not who Anthony is.

Anthony DeKarski

Anthony DeKarski

Anthony is a quiet guy who does great things for others. He see things for what they can be and makes them that way. He is the linch-pin in which the door swings. With no promise of gain and with no expectation of returned favors, Anthony is an ultimate networker who loves to give; he is a servant leader who loves his family and his friends and the work he does. His belief in me has lead to no shortage of blessings for which even the term ‘gratitude’ might be found lacking.

The Vendor Base: Recent events demands an equal shout out…

Like most, I ware multiple hats in my life. Upon a recent event I found myself the recipient of many congratulatory phone calls and e-mails. Baffled at how the information in one area of my life leaked out to so many; I found the primary culprit–Anthony DeKarski.

With that, a special shout out to several folks who congratulated me for a recent accomplishment. Without some very key folks in the following companies, headaches would be bigger… a lot bigger, and the roofing program would not look as it does today. Please know you add value to yourselves, your companies, and to me. My roofing world is made better because you are in it! Many others should have knowledge and experience of your value and drink-deep the service there of. Thank you again for all you do!

Retail Construction and Signage, GAF, Batten & Companies, Rogers Electric, Simon Roofing, Baker Roofing, IRWPR, B & M Roofing, Dowell Roofing, Superior Structures, NRP, Brighter-Image, North American Roofing, Merit Roofing, SRA, StormBlok, DOC Maint, Lutz Roofing, Peck Brothers Roofing

Do Over!

You are allowed a DO OVER!

You are not a Robot – Stop trying to be one!

You are not a Computer – Stop trying to be one!

You are not a Machine – You have not fooled anyone!

You are not The Super Dad – You have short comings-and know it!

You are not The Super Mom – The real Super Mom is a myth! You are excellent at who you are and what you do– just the way you are!

You are not the greatest boss – You completely lack people skills and forget where you came from!

Congratulations – Welcome to Earth! You are human and as such you come flawed!

But all is not lost!

You are allowed to hit your Re-Set button and start over.

But start over with the wisdom you have today. Live your life as if today, you actually allowed yourself to start it all over. Kiss your wife, your kids, the dog (ok, skip the dog), attack that goal, project, punching bag as if today was the first day you ever encountered or experienced them. Baked in wisdom and past experience you did not have the first time, you will win, and it will be sweet!

Now have a Do Over!


I’d love your feed back: What is your do over?

Hurry Up and Wait!

Life simply moves too fast and too slow…at the same time!

13 January 2011 003

“Hurry Up and Wait” is a catch phase many of us first learned in the Military. It really did not matter if it was for chow or for a patrol, we would rush as if the world was ending and then wait as if it were a meditation exercise to actually watch grass grow!

Those with children, if honest, said under their breathe countless time, I wish you’d hurry and just grow up! I know I have!

But as of late I have slowed down to re-group.  There has been a great desire to set things in motion for the future. While completing and updating the wills, trusts, investment accounts, etc… I was reminded of the brevity of life. How fast time moves and how seemingly less I know. Now, Before I get too somber here, let me say that growing older with and in grace is the way to do it and most of us have many years ahead of us!

Time can be a great rewarder of excellence if we just let it! Time can yield a harvest of riches, but only if we plant the right seeds.

Seeds of peace, love, joy, trust, education…planted in the right season may take weeks, months, and sometimes, years to yield a harvest. The same is true with money, friendship, and legacy.

In my post C/T=R, I mention that Consistency over Time will always get Results. But the process demands action today and then requires you to wait for well after tomorrow.

You will not see any fruit of your labour if you rush in and out of investments, friendships, careers, or even hobbies.

Be prudent; that is, mix your wisdom with your experience and stay the course.

Take the risk and move!

But you have to hurry and wait!

I’d love to hear from you! 

When have you hurried and waited on something and it yielded something far greater than you could have imaged?