Successful Intelligence – Robert J. Sternberg

  “Successfully Intelligent people capitalize on their intellectual strengths and compensate for and correct their weaknesses. Parents, schools, and the workplace need to support the development of successful intelligence in whatever ways they can, and to view intellectual abilities as dynamic and flexible rather than as static and fixed.” (33)

Successful Intelligence – Robert J. Sternberg

“Successfully Intelligent people seek to perform in ways that not only are competent but distinguished  from ordinary performers.  They realize the gap between competence and excellence may be small but the greatest rewards, both internal and external, are for excellence.” (26)

Green: THINK

This week I have the honor in presenting a guest post from Daniel Howell. Please let us know if you enjoy his post!

Daniel Howell is future computer game designer and app developer who goes by the handle “Green.” He is without a doubt a servant leader and a creative brain that will challenge the way his generation thinks about their world. Green is a man to be watched in the upcoming years.

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During an interview with Daniel, he explained what he does to help him cope with mental noise while trying to be creative. He suggested something that would benefit us all!


Noise is everywhere, he said, this is what I do that helps me out:

Don’t fight the noise- While silence will help you reset your mental queue, embrace what you hear at first and keep a notebook handy to write down any good ideas you have. You may find this is a good way to get a to-do-list started on a great project!

I took Green’s advise, made a to-do list, listened as the noise died out, and went on to think with wonderful clarity.

Bottom line is this: by taking action on the noise, you lessen the volume, which will allow for your greatest creativity to begin!


Question: There are many ways to cope with mental noise. How do you cope with your noise to become more productive and creative?

Mother’s Day Tribute (Daft Punk Style)

[A re-post from 2013 Mothers day! Enjoy! …and Happy Mother’s Day!]

In the 1997 album release of Homework, the French duo, Daft Punk paid tribute to a long list of DJ’s that were, and are, icons in the Dance/ House/ Electronic music movement. In the hit song titled, Teachers, they listed in honorarium those who have blazed a trail worthy of following in the music industry!

Mom’s are no different, The Good, The Bad, The (Beautiful), they are all worthy to be called out as Teachers. My Tribute for to a long list of moms and grand mothers both alive and past…

So, thanks for the Homework and thanks for being our Teachers:

All our love!

All our love!

Marianne Howell, Elizabeth Roberts, Mary Walker, Annie Brown Raines, Emily Brown, Mary Smith Bryan, Edith Smith, Sarah Abercrombie, Edwina Dicey Booth, Amy Goodwin Mitchell, Ann Boothe, Anna Fay Moffett, Ethleen Horne, Johnnie Prince, Mary Lou Knowles, Catherine Hawkins, Mary Mollie Jones, Eva Ida Denny, Annie Prince, Martha Annie Nolan, Mariah L. Edwards, Georgia Anne Sharmen, Artemisia Cook, Margaret Cross, Elizabeth Ann Jefferson, Sarah Pierson, Lucy Andrews, Patsy Morgan, Helen Barrows, Rebecca Robinson, Jane Bigham, Margaret Trimble, Margarat Paterson, Agnes Douglas, Annabell Brooks, Martha Amos Slade, Martha Amos, Mary Day, Elizabeth Baker, Mary Symons, Elizabeth Cox, Mary Tollison, Cassaline Hicks, Georgia Anne Miller, Jemima Owens, Catherine Irvine, Lucy Clement, Emily Amanda Brown, Lesley Jane Howell (Webster), Florence Austin, Barbara Baines, Clara Winfred Gower, Flora McArthur, Norah L Southey, Frances Jane Mills, Mary Ellen Turner, Clara Anne Humphrey, Eveline Leach, Catherine Scott, Ann Elizabeth Whall, Ann Barker, Harriet E Wheeler, Joan Baker, Christina W. Liesching, Johana E. Becker, Agnes Mapledurham, Joane Budd, Johanna H. Masseyn…

Love and Thanks,

Your son…

7 Areas That Will Affect Your Legacy

Why a Legacy?,  answered Why leaving a legacy was important to my wife and I. This post is focused on the Seven areas we focus on in order to leave a Counter Cultural Legacy.
Amicalola Falls, GA

Like most things, a Legacy is built over time. It’s stacking small stones in a pile day after day that will become a mountain. But you have to be intentional where you stack the stones.  Here are seven areas that you must focus on in order to leave an amazing Legacy:

[Note: Dave Ramsey & Dan Miller both use the following seven area in their instructions; Michael Hyatt, uses similar areas in his Life Plan. These are amazing resources that have help hundreds of thousands of folks just like you and I. I have included some ideas and references that we use in our family- steal freely!]

1. Financial Goals: income and investments (Proverbs 24:10)

2. Physical Goals: appearance and exercise (1 Thes. 5:23)

3. Personal Development Goals: knowledge, education, and self-improvement (Prov. 4:5-7)

4. Family Goals: Relationship to/with others, develop deep relationships with the children, and spouse!

5. Spiritual Goals: Church involvement, personal commitment, and Scripture memory (Psalm 139:23-24)

6. Social Goals: To have only a few, but very close friends…

7. Career Goal: ambitions, dreams, and hopes (Eccles. 5:19)

This post is focused on the area of Legacy, and not goal setting, but the two co-exist. These seven goal areas are paramount to focus on and be intentional with in order to build a great legacy.

About a year ago, a family member wanted us to go with them on trip. It was going to be great! But the cost associated with this trip did not align with our financial goals, so we simply couldn’t go; but one day we will! Small sacrifices will go a long way with intentionality on the finish line.

Let these seven areas guide you towards living the life you know is worth living. Share this process with a friend and your kids. Ten, twenty, or fifty years from now, you will be glad you did!

What are some of the areas you are leaving a Legacy in? 


Successful Intelligence – Robert J. Sternberg

 “Successfully Intelligent people actively seek out out role models. Throughout their lives, they may have several such role models, and their own success represents a unification of the best attributes of the various models. In other words, they do not slavishly follow any one model but rather form their own distinctive identity. They also observe people who fail, and take note why they fail, and then make sure they do things differently.” (21)

Why a Legacy?

Over the last several months my wife, Lesley, and I have been focused on leaving a Legacy. In fact the next several posts will be focused on Legacy. We will all leave a legacy, but we want to leave a Legacy that counts–a Counter Cultural Legacy. We knew that doing so was important but also knew that if we did not land the WHY first, everything else would simply just not stick.
RADM Hugh Howell Jr.

RADM Hugh Howell Jr.

I’ve been fascinated with the legacy our great grand parents—mine here in Atlanta and Lesley’s along the Zuurberg Pass in South Africa. Just like you, we knew landing the WHY would open the doors to HOW!
Here are just a few of our Why’s leaving a legacy was important us:
     -We will influence to the second and third generation – we should really try to get this right!
     -We get to set the stage of what others will think about us when we pass on
     -We will start living our lives with intention and purpose
     -Leaving a legacy will help guide our priorities and goals–A filter in which our actions can be ordered
     -Our kids will thank us and be better for it
These are just some of our Why’s… 
Our Legacy will either be great or small. At the end of our days, none of us want to be remembered as the ancient King Jehoram. History simply remarks that he was a bad king, died a painful death, and none regretted his passing. We want to be missed, but not in a ego-centric kind of way. We want to leave a stake in the ground not just a tombstone. We want others to wish they had more time with us; that we could live on through our family and friends, our outreach programs; we want influence in others lives; we want to know we made a difference. And that answer, you can only answer while you are here-now.
Why is leaving a Legacy important to you? Would you dare leave one worth calling of Great? Worthy, Counter Cultural?  Tell us your WHY!