For the Kids @ Georgia Tech and CHOA

The smart folks at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have joined the a team of students Georgia Tech who really get the picture!

Here in Atlanta there is a wonderful medical organization called, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). The doctors and nurses there have saved numerous lives, stopped illnesses from spreading, made kids laugh as they get shots, helped new parents from freaking out when their baby runs a fever, and the folks there can actually leap buildings in a single bound.  This is a second-to-none operation.

…but they cannot do this without your help!

Katherine Lohn is a 3rd year student at Georgia Tech and she leading the fight in raising of funds for a great project called,”For the Kids @ GT-Engineering Miracles.” Katherine is on the Executive Board and is the Chair of Fundraising.

For the Kids @ Georgia Tech

Katherine Lohn: For the Kids @ Georgia Tech

This is one of her favorite parts of college and no doubt a favorite part of the family and patient services of CHOA. The goal for this large group of students is $100,000!

Given the population of Atlanta (about 6 million people), this fund raiser should take a nano-second to complete! The hardest part of this fund raiser is getting the word out there… and Katherine Lohn does that best!

So go visit her site HERE!

You are not going to want to miss the HOW the money will be raised!

Donating at that location is safe and easy! Click the “Support Me” button once there and change the lives of the people around you!