Tell and Re-Tell Your History – Often

Numerical facts are a requirement in history class. Just like the study of numbers and their relationships is a requirement in the discipline of mathematics. Hating History class might be one of the easiest pastimes of most students. It was for me; that is, until I asked the simple question: “How and why did we get here?”

The book of Deuteronomy opens with Moses re-telling the story of the last 40 years. He is telling the very people who have lived the last 40 years with him. Should these folks not know their own history? Of course they should, but they had forgotten their history. They did not forget when they started this journey but they did forget why they started. They forgot the many victories they experienced.

We are no different. We start things with a strong why, get in the murky middle of our journey, forget our why, and then start to wonder. It’s at this point we simply become a date on a page in history… dull, boring, and easily forgotten.

If Moses needed to remind his people of their history and heritage, we should do the same, but not just because a historical figure did something great, but rather because it reminds us why we left our personal Egypt.

The Home Depot, Wal-mart, and even the U.S. Army tell their story well:

  • In the central lobby of The Home Depot there is a photo on the wall of the founders. They stand as a reminder that the company was Built from Scratch. They stand there looking on as thousands pass by as if to say, Remember our history, remember why you do what you do.
  • The old pick-up truck of Mr. Sam Walton is now owned by Wal-Mart as a reminder of its beginnings.
  • The Home of the Infantry and now Armor School have a tremendous museum of their heritage and history. (This really is a must-see).

What about us? What about our story? What about our why? Can you remember where you came from and why you are going in the direction you are heading?

There are also those around you who need to know your story. Some of those around you have lived your story with you, and need reminding of the why you, and they, are on the path you’re on.

Dig deep and tell others where you started, and of the challenges you faced, and the victories you won.

Dare we not forget our own story. Tell and re-tell your history often that we all may benefit.

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