Purity Does Matters

Over the summer’s of long past, I grew up with my grandparents in a small Georgian community. One of those places you never locked your doors and at 8 years old you were old enough to walk into town by yourself. Looking back most of the folks had lived there their whole life. World War II ended and the development of sub-divisions began to carpet America and this little community was right in the middle of it all. The town had several churches as most places do and no one really knew if anyone did not attend at least one of the churches. The cars were big Detroit metalwith white-walled tires. Even in the earily 80’s it seemed this town was stuck in 1965.

It was during these years I attended church every time the doors were open. Mimi, Bapa, and Aunt Grace would load us kids in the car and head out. On one particular Sunday, I went to ‘Big’ church (an honored treat as a kid but whoa be it if you were any louder than the mouse in the corner). The sermon was on Purity and a little seed-like thing call leaven.

“What is this leaven?” Any baker knows this little kudzu like seed that when added to bread will cause it to rise. In old testament times the Jews were to only eat unleavened bread during parts of the year as a sign and symbol of being pure.

The thing is, when it’s said that, ‘even a little leaven leavens the whole lump,’ it’s true. I have seen a single piece of bread flat on one side and raised on the other… but even the flat side was thicker than the piece of bread we made with out the leaven.

This might be the only cooking advise you should ever take from me!

But what does this have to do with the topic of Purity? Everything.

An ancient king stated that it was the little foxes that spoiled the vines of a vineyard. This is truer today than ever. It’s the little things that we fail to address that lead us astray from our ‘main focus.’

In business, you want your team to be totally committed and passionate about your product or service; in sports, you want your players to be fully ‘in-the-zone;’ in marriage, you want full devotion to and from your spouse. This is your life, no one else can live it for you, so live it well.

Countless businesses are in the news every day because leaven was allowed in the central nervous system of a company (Dare I say anything about Hollywood? Congress? Education?). Those companies to whom standards are set and followed and whose focus is on watching out for both the ‘little foxes’ and a ‘little leaven’ are rarely ever seen in the negative media.

It is typically easy is see the ‘leavened’ areas of our life. It is not easy to remove the leaven… in fact, it’s may be impossible without drastic measures. This type of leaven is toxic and kills if not addressed.

So keep the toxicity, like gossip, out of your business culture. Address now and make it firm, fair, consistent, and final. Watch for toxicity in your personal life as well and treat it no differently than that of a burglar breaking in at night.

Where is there need for purity in you life? your business? If you saw ‘leaven’ where there should not be leaven, how would you treat it knowing its toxicity?

Like clear drinking water, purity does matter.

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