Learn To Be a Collector

Many successful people are indeed collectors. Learning to be a collector is not the same as learning to be a pack-rat. Rather successful people collect knowledge and wisdom about their skill or profession.

Not feeling like a success? Don’t sweat it! Most of the men and women we might call financially successful, started small. They found their niche by error or by chose and used that as their spring-board. They looked beyond themselves for skills and abilities they did not currently possess and acquired what they were lacking.

Have a niche? Even better, have a specialization? Go find a trade journal and start collecting nuggets of truth and pearls of wisdom. Google can produce 69,200,000 hits in .27 seconds of on-line trade journals to get you started. Chances are fairly high you can find something that tickles your fancy. Not seeing a journal that works for you? Start one of your own!

Read up on interconnected trades such as: if you are an HVAC Tech, read the plumbing and electrical trade journals. Are you into barges? Go read, The Waterways Journal to learn about barges and the seaways. The point is that you have a niche that needs our attention and if it’s not already there you should make it. If it is there, you should build upon it.

Learn the wisdom of others. Become great at what you are called to do. Whether by intent or by accident, find what you do well and do it with all your heart, mind, and body, that we would read about you, your failures and success; in turn, allowing us the ability to become as you are– Great!

We need you to Learn to be a Collector.

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