The Size of Your Calling

As a Part 2 of last week’s posting, I felt like the canvas was left too soon and the picture had not yet fully taken on the depth I had hoped.

As a recap- we said a ‘calling’  is something we do to help others; it is us, who have, going to those, who need, and repeating this over and over again. Identify the needy, big or small, find what you already do well, and go help other people. 

From last week… When I was asked, “Who are you helping,” and after exploring memories of being helped, I was presented with a very interesting thought. Not everyone’s calling is the same size. That is, compared to my point of reference.

Yes, some folks are called to dig wells, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc… which are very awesome callings that meet very real needs. There are also some who are called to lead churches, grow businesses, build bridges, provide financial wisdom, and some are even called to make tons of money just to give it, in secret, to organizations which help other people. 

The point is this, your calling is yours. You might be called to grow an Urban Farm in Kentucky like the Maddocks, you might be like my friend John, who was called to be a dentist, and what about the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus? He was carrying letters authorizing the persecution of Christians that he would later be preaching to. (of note: his money-making trade was that of a Tent Maker… not a preacher… but he was not always making tents… this opens the idea that a calling may need to be worked at over time. And in due time, it may render your financial golden goose… just don’t rush it.)

Hopefully at this point you are starting to grasp the idea that your calling might look very big to you but not as big to others. Meaning, your calling might look relatively small compared with others.To this I’d only offer to you to: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others! This is YOUR calling, not theirs! 

For the Evangelical Christians (ES)- God does have a plan for you and his plan for you is far bigger than the one you have for you. His calling for you is bigger than you can think of right now.

For those non-ES’s, the principle is the same- your calling runs the potential to be huge. You just cannot take your eye off the ball.

There is a hurting world out there that needs you to be tent makers, pipe-fitters, financially independent, supporters, ditch-diggers, church builders, baby-sitters, lifeguards, doctors, and yes, even lawyers!

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